What To Know About A Joint Galapagos And Machu Picchu Tour

With their close nearness on the Southern American continent, it is doable to take part in a galapagos and machu picchu tour within a two week time period. The two destinations are famous for the cultural intrigues and natural wonders that have drawn people for centuries. In just over two weeks you get to experience legends, ruins, wildlife, natural habitat, foods and cultures that are distinctive to Ecuador and Peru.

The Enchanted Isles and islands of Galapagos are in perfect contrast to the Lost City of the Incas in Peru. You can go as far as saying that it makes for the perfect beach and inland vacation all in one. There is a touch of luxury to be added in the form of a cruise boat and upgraded accommodation, or on the flip side, backpacking wanderers may chose to settle for the basic tourist living arrangements in this South American holiday destination.

During a comprehensive tour you will encounter two of the wonders of the ancient word. One of these boasts of natural wonders and untouched sea and land life. Its archipelago wildlife with exquisite flora is literally unique to this part of the world. Activities include snorkeling alongside welcoming sea turtles and sea lions in clear waters.

The Lost City of the Incas has not only entertained hordes of visitors through the centuries, but also have had discoverers baffled at its grandiose lands and villages. The hiking terrain takes visitors through real life cultural encounters whilst being accompanied by educated tour guides through the ruins and villages that have made up this ancient civilization.

The hotel amenities in South America are simpler than those found in the United States. The rooms are also somewhat smaller. Each room has a private bathroom. During the summer months the air conditioned rooms are welcoming after a long day in the heat. Meals are balanced between food that visitors are used to in their home countries, to more local cuisine such as barbecued meats and fruits.

Travelers who do not have the ability to walk without walking aids or those who are in wheelchairs, will not be able to adapt to the requirements of traveling as part of such a tour. Between six and eight hours of physical activities such as walking along the tough terrain is required daily. The altitude in Peru also reaches anything between seven thousand and eleven thousand feet. On budgeted vacations people also carry their own luggage along the travels.

An average duration of such a tour is eighteen days long. The escorted trips include items such as tour guiding through the educational and cultural sites, airport transfers, tour leaders that assist with swimming and hiking activities and inclusions of certain local payments that form part of the tour. Breakfasts are served daily to tourists who stay in hotels.

On a continent such as Latin America, which is equally diverse as it is magnificent, it makes sense to travel the distance and get two flies with one stone. Some adventurers set aside half a year of their travel time to explore as much of this part of the world. For those with limited time, three weeks is ideal to see but two of the gems of the Southern American continent.

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