Picking The Perfect Lodging Sans Hotels

It has become standard operating procedure to book a hotel room during travel. And while hotels spark some perks for their guests with themed decors, excellent amenities, buffets and five star restaurants, the chains have become not just too mainstream but also very heavy on the pocket. Accommodation consumes the largest expense of traveling besides cost of transport, but it does not need to be given with more affordable modes of sleeping arrangements without sacrificing quality and flair.

Not just for backpackers, bed and breakfasts charm visitors with their personal approach to their guests. Such accommodations are found throughout the country, and you can find them amidst quiet rural areas and also in big cities such as the busy Washington Coast lodging areas. The difference is that bed and breakfasts offer free internet access, water bottles, gourmet food, parking, and other services for free while hotels will charge you for every request.

The house hosting mode of traveling has also caught on with the crowd. You can stay in the most unique residences around the globe, provided you are alright with mingling with other people during your vacation. Reading reviews and communicating well with the host of the property is the key to have a wonderful housing rental experience.

During school vacations, students leave their dormitories and are open to travelers who want budget lodging. If you are totally cool with a shared shower room across the hallway and simple yet cozy beds, then academic housing might be your choice this summer. However, you can only book the place when school is out.

For free lodging, enjoy religious housing if you love serenity sans curfew. Many churches and monasteries with spectacular architecture and spartan rooms offer bed and bath. Do not do this if you are a night owl, or have noisy companions.

Farmhouses also offer free bed and bath if you are keen on trying something new like feeding the ducks or helping in a harvest. Home stays are also available in which a local family shares their home with you for a time being. If you are willing to help out with a few chores and bask yourself in their culture and society, it is totally a worthwhile rent free experience.

Home swapping may also take care of your trust issues and allows you to do unto others. Two parties mutually exchange their houses, either simultaneously or not, depending on the arrangement. This is good for those who really love to trot the globe and give and take the hospitality they have been shown.

Timeshares may sound like a very nasty industry, but when you are a regular vacationer who loves to come back to your favorite resort often, you can actually save more than booking a hotel room per night. Smart research, a deep understanding of how they function and what to expect, and opting for resellers instead of developers will make vacation ownership work for you. They are not investments but a way of vacation.

Travelers come from all walks of life, and travel is their soul food. Like the world they tread, they are only as limited as they choose themselves to be. May it be a villa or a cabin, never let your budget control your walk on the earth. The rewards of adventures are priceless.

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