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Concerning accommodation, a lot has happened over the last decade in Namibia to be able to cope with the steadily growing influx of visitors. Nowadays there is accommodation available within any price range, from backpackers, small B&B's and comfortable middleclass hotels to luxurious game lodges of the highest standard.

Many drought-stricken farmers have resorted to "farming tourists" and have created idyllic places for visitors on their premises, usually many thousands of hectares in sizes. Very nice accommodation, good food, beautiful surroundings, peaceful nature, hiking and horse-riding, game viewing and much more await the guests. You can also learn about life on a Namibian farm, ecology, geology and the plants and animals of the region.

Today, a good number of campgrounds is also available in Namibia. Even in the remotest places like the Kaokoland or Bushmanland you find clean camps surrounded by stunning nature. They are usually run as communal projects by the local population and are fairly cheap. Reservations at NACOBTA in Windhoek.

The 'restcamps' in the National Parks are still government-run. The quality of the accommodation is acceptable, but is usually sub-standard. Nevertheless, they are often fully booked, particularly in the Etosha Park, and one is often forced to make reservations at a private lodge, instead.

Staying at a lodge is usually costly. You have to, however, keep in mind that the maintenance costs of these houses are high. All the provisions have to be transported over large distances, often hundreds of kilometres on gravel roads. The construction and furnishing of a lodge is equally costly. Unfortunately some lodges raise their prices by 15 to 20% each year and put it down to the inflation rate.

In addition, all the accommodation listed in this travel guide - guest farms, lodges, hotels and B&B's - can be found on the blue INFO pages of the respective towns and locations.

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