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1. Our service
This site is a hotel price comparison search engine that aggregates and combines hotel prices around the globe from over 30 of the top hotel booking sites. Since the customer satisfaction is the only way to make real business, best effort have been put to provide as accurate as possible information about the hotels, rates, and room availability’s. However, we do not guarantee always that the information we have is the latest up-to-date, as it takes time to index all hotel sites, and thus we cannot be held responsible for any wrong details.

Also, it should be clear that WorldTravelHub.net does not handle the actual booking and is not responsible or related to it in any way. This is an international system that is linked with the world top online bookings companies and have availability to hotels to most world countries. Once you pick your hotel and site, you are taken to that site to complete the process. Any further inquiries, refunds, or complains should be taken directly with that site.

2. Privacy Policy
All customer interactions, reservations, and personal information are highly respected and kept private from any third party. Under no circumstances we will be willing to give away the customer personal information.

3. Disclaimer
WorldTravelHub.net service is based on the information provided by the hotels, including the hotel information, room rates, and availability. We thus cannot guarantee the accuracy of that information, and in case of any error, we cannot be held responsible for it. Before booking on any hotel, you should always double check on the hotel information provided.


Please read the directory submission rules, these apply to all links submitted to the directory:


  • Please submit sites to the most appropriate category.
  • Please do not not submit subfolders, use the top-level domain, e.g., www.domain.com.
  • Place www. before your URL.
  • Please do not stuff the Title and/or Description fields with keywords. For example, the following is not a proper Description: "Cheap Battery Chargers, Battery Charger, Digital Camera battery Charger, Canon battery charger, Casio battery charger, Fujifilm Battery Charger, Olympus Battery Charger, Sony battery charger, All Battery chargers are lower price."
  • Please capitalize your title properly.  Titles not properly capitalized will be rejected.  For example, the following is not a proper Title for a couple of reasons: "ugg boots, uggs, over 50% discount ugg boots free"
  • Please do not capitalize the first letter of every word in the description. This is annoying and not proper grammar.
  • Sites hosted on free services will be rejected, e.g., blogspot.com, wordpress.com, 50megs.com, etc.
  • Parked domain sites will be rejected.
  • Sites, that when loaded, redirect to another site will be rejected.
  • Sites containing pop-ups or pops-unders will be rejected.
  • Sites with broken links and/or HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL errors or the like will be rejected. Please ensure your site functions properly.
  • Sites not in English will be accepted providing the category chosen is a Regional type category.
  • Please keep in mind that adult(porn), warez, online pharmacy, online gambling, etc. and other similar sites will be rejected.
  • Any site offering body part "enhancement" or "enlargement" will be rejected.
  • Please do not submit sites consisting largely of affiliate links.
  • Please do not submit sites that engage in unethical activities.
  • Please do not submit sites "under construction".  Wait until a site is complete before submitting it.
  • We reserve the right to edit titles and descriptions to best fit the directory.  Pertinent information will never be changed. To avoid this, please capitalize and punctuate where necessary.
  • Before submitting, please use the search bar above to make sure that your site is not already in the directory.  Duplicate submissions will be rejected.
  • IP addresses are recorded for spamming / abuse issues and are banned / blocked when necessary.


Please be patient until your website is included in our directory.