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Best Hotels in Barcelona

With its interesting mesh of Catalan and Spanish cultures, its amazing food scene (tapas, wine), insane "Gaudi" architecture, huge nightlife scene and even beaches (albeit not very nice beaches), Barcelona is an eclectic destination and makes for a very fun and cultural experience. Accommodations range from backpacker hostels to über-modern hotels, which right now aren't too expensive, especially when compared to other European destinations.

Best Hotels in Paris

Paris is a no-brainer, really. A picturesque city split by the River Seine, Paris is filled with museums like the Louvre and the Musée d'Orsay, with gardens like the Tuileries or Luxembourg, with monuments like the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe, and with churches like the Sacre-Coeur and Notre Dame, as well as chic shopping and renowned restaurants galore. To say that it might appeal to a wide array of travelers is an understatement. And although the City of Lights has a reputation for très cher hotels, budget options are available, too.

Best Hotels in Lisbon

One of the biggest perks of Lisbon is its cost of vacationing. Yes, you might pay a hefty sum getting to this city in Portugal, but once you're here, you'll pay next to nothing (especially compared to other European destinations) for nice accommodations, meals and attractions. Plus, much of this city's allure is free and comes in meandering Lisbon's skinny streets and taking in the sights of gothic cathedrals, quaint shops, interesting museums like Gulbenkian and Chiado's shopping. Clubbing in Bairro Alto should be high on your list, and these too, are very affordable.

Best Hotels in Berlin

The capital of Germany, Berlin can be likened to the other major cosmopolitan and cities of the world like London and New York. But in addition to all its urban charms -- buzzy nightlife, fine dining, seriously original fashion, museums and cultural experiences -- Berlin also offers visitors a history lesson, albeit a very difficult one to swallow, with Holocaust memorials and remnants of the Cold War.

Best Hotels in Budapest

Budapest, nicknamed "the Paris of the East" is an intriguing place to vacation -- and is even exotic with its thermal baths. Although it's not top-of-mind for many Americans traveling to Europe, travel aficionados say it should be for its beauty, cheap eats (and drinks for that matter) and its raging nightlife. And right now, even Budapest's nicer hotels are offering reasonable rates -- but this could change as more and more travelers "discover" this Hungarian city.

Best Hotels in Prague

Although it might be fading as the "it" European city to visit, we still think that fairytale Prague is an excellent city for a vacation. Prague's charming architecture and quaint streets are added to the city's love of music, (from jazz to rock), local lagers, ambient trams and an awesome café culture, (many of the cafés sidle the picturesque Vltava River), giving Prague its place as one of the top ten European cities.

Best Hotels in Amsterdam

There's so much more to this city than just the Red Light District and the weed; Amsterdam actually offers lots for families to do together (museums for kids, bike riding, pancake eating). It's also a great place for romantic getaways, (canals at dusk, fine restaurants, cute neighborhoods to explore, tulips), and several world-class attractions, including the Anne Frank House and the Van Gogh Museum. Although the accommodations tend to be short on space (converted canal homes), the views are picturesque.

Best Hotels in London

Touring a world-class museum (Tate Modern, British Museum), seeing a West End musical in Leicester Square or a mime in Covent Garden, enjoying high tea at Claridge's, touring Parliament or the Tower of London, gorging on fish 'n' chips at a local pub and partying at one of the city's top nightclubs are all things you can do here. Plus, there's no language roadblock, and there is a great public transportation system. While London might be one of the best cities in the world to visit, its high prices edge it out of our top three.